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Garhill is offering an opportunity for high net worth and/or sophisticated investors in our financially attractive rates of return due to the projects and property professionals we select and provide loans to.

By working in partnership with our investors and combining the experience, expertise and cash retained in Garhill with investor funds, profits can be created and shared.

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Who are Garhill?

Established in 1981, we specialise in providing loans     for property projects. We commenced trading as           property consultants before setting up and operating as   construction contractors, property developers and investors and some 20 years ago focusing on our current activity of property lenders.

Why should I choose to invest in Garhill?

Because of our experience, expertise, proven track-        record, relationships we have developed with our           customers and professional team and our secure             financial position.

We are now offering the opportunity for investors to       share in our proven business model and financial           success.

How would my money be invested?

Garhill provide loans to selected borrowers for              property projects. Investors money will be used for         loans advanced to existing and new customers to          assist the Garhill customers purchase and develop          land and/or properties to create value and profits.

Is my money safe?

Garhill has a long-standing track record of success         evidenced by positive annual net profits and increasing   net assets (currently £3.25m) derived from retained         profits, over a 30-year period.

All of the loans Garhill advance are to experienced       and successful property developers or owners. The         loans are secured with a legal charge in favour of         Garhill, registered at the Land Registry. We also take     personal guarantees from our borrowers.

How do I receive my interest payments?

Interest is paid quarterly in arrears by standing order.

How do I apply to invest?

Contact either Tony Harris or Alan Herbertson at Garhill.

Once you have decided the loan amount you wish to     lend to Garhill, a Loan Agreement will be submitted to     your solicitor, the document signed by you and a           Garhill director and the funds transferred from our           solicitor to your solicitor.

We meet all investors and require proof of the source     of funds and evidence of investor experience and           awareness of the risks of investment.

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GARHILL shape outline cyan blue.png
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How do I decide which investment option

to take?

We will provide the reasons for the different rates of       interest and answer any questions before you decide the lending product which best suits your financial goals.

What does 'Lone to Value (LTV)' mean?

This is the ratio of a loan amount to the value of a         property asset. Example - £60,000 loan and               £100,000 capital value of a property equates to an       LTV of 60%, £60,000 divided by £100,000.

How long would my money be tied up for?

Loan terms of 12 to 36 months can be selected.

How much would I need to invest?

Minimum £50,000 up to a maximum of £1,000,000.

Can I get my money back at any time?

No, but if the Garhill cash flow allows, we will seek to   accommodate early repayment.

How do Garhill offer such attractive interest rates?

The property market is not single faceted, it is               heterogeneous. The term “property market” is a general   label that does not reflect the numerous variables that     determine whether a property project will be profitable.

Our expertise is used to source and approve those         projects that will create profits for the Garhill loan           borrower, Garhill and investors. Opportunities need to

be differentiated by geographical location, type, size,     seller circumstances and market demand. Within any       given property market, rising, falling or static, we           identify those projects which create value and profits.

We focus on projects and property borrowers that meet   strict criteria, with specific local market demand in         strong residential and commercial areas.

The principal partners in Garhill, Tony Harris and Alan     Herbertson, have over 50 years’ experience in             identifying and managing profitable property projects     and creating profits.

A key skill within Garhill is our ability to identify and       back schemes and borrowers that produce profits.

The funding we provide is not ultra-price sensitive rather   credit and opportunity led, resulting in higher than         average returns for all parties, lender and borrower.

We now wish to take advantage of our unique market     position and modelling and share profits for mutual         benefit, through above average rates of return on           investors funds.

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